Thursday, 5 September 2013

Personalize it!

When you are passionate about something, you want the world to know it! Be it your hobby, your work, your interest or even something you dislike :)

I recently worked out a way to express this 'interest' of Sonia by creating a stamp for her book collection. She approached me to make something that would help her manage the big book inventory she has. She often lends her books to friends and acquaintances. ''People tend to keep it for months and sometimes forget which book goes back to whom, making it difficult for me to keep a track of my list'' she says. 
A very simple idea was to make a stamp that would go on each of her book to clearly state that it is 'her property'... of course in a much nicer way :)

So this is what I made -

She asked for a little space where she could write the date or other info about the book. So I gave some space under the design to incorporate the same.
Now she has a huge collection of books, all stamped and ready to go places :)

This is how it looks on the book -

I have made some stamps for my own work as well. I like to add that extra bit of personalized touch to the products I make :)

The products and designs are

and coming your way

So if you want to 'stamp it', you know who to call! 

Feel free to discuss design ideas with me for invitation designs to greetings, stamps, logos or just about anything you need...we'll make it happen :)

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  1. This is a great idea. I had been struggling with this as well. We have to send bottles and containers to the daycare with the kids and I had to write on a masking tape everyday - date, food name, warming instructions and instructions on when to feed it. I bought a chalkboard paint and painted on the containers and started writing with a white pencil used to mark on glass, it does not wipe out easily.


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