Thursday, 26 February 2015

Mirror Stories

This post is not just about my design journey or about a specific project. It's about family, about creative diversity and most importantly team work.

If I could see you right now, I'm sure to see a big question mark on your face and thats quite all right cos I know the above sentence might not make much sense to you. I mean, where on Earth do you find a combination like that, right?

And that very question makes me very proud to introduce you to my latest project - Mirror Stories. But a little bit of background information before that :)

25 years ago Dr Mrs Deepa Sumant started with a small Beauty Salon in Pune. Today she is trained in Naturopathy and Homoepathy. A faculty and conference attendee at many prestigious seminars across the globe. Soon after she started, her sister Mrs Roopa Deshmukh joined hands and together they have successfully made a name in the beauty industry. Like any other business, they too have seen their business flourish and experienced some rainy days.
But the thing that kept them going was dedication towards their work and faith in each another.
And it is that very faith and dedication that has got these two super talented, 50 something ladies to take a plunge, revamp their business and take it to new heights!

The existing facility that they had was fine but it was old and they felt they needed a fresh new look.
They were well aware that keeping up with the latest trends is the mantra and very important to attract new customers.

So, this is where Design Kreeda comes in the picture!

Looking at the requirements, one thing was clear to me - A total brand revamp was the way to go. 
A new name for the new look was the first thing to do. 

Re-naming an existing business is a bigger challenge than naming a new business. This is because there is a lot of history attached to the old name. Detaching the business from its old name and its existing perception is mainly difficult.
There is a need to connect with the existing audience so that they feel the newness while keeping the familiarity intact. A name that relates to the business, that is short and sweet and one that gives room to add multiple service offerings in future was the key. 

We all are different and each of us is unique. Nothing but a mirror reflects the real you. 
Day in and day out, a mirror reflects the different shades and personalities of people who stand in front of it. It sees a bubbly college girl getting her hair done so she can look good for her first date... It sees an anxious bride-to-be, getting her make-up done for the most important day of her life but also sees the sadness in her eyes for leaving her home... It sees an old lady covering up the grays to feel young and beautiful, but also sees the fine lines on her face that tell her life's story... It sees the lady relaxing with a rejuvenating facemask but also sees her hardships balancing her work and home...

 It sees, but it does not judge. For it knows, you are more than just a reflection.

The mirror sees it all and over time, weaves it together into timeless tales... Mirror Stories.

At Mirror Stories, we celebrate the inner beauty and pamper the one outside :)


Once we gave the name, it was time for my second favorite part, the logo design.

Here is what I made -

The job was not over yet cos another important aspect was remaining - Interior Design.
Sonia Revankar, a talented interior designer and owner of 'Lively-wood' has done a fabulous job and has done full justice to the name and concept.

Our brainstorming sessions were crazy and went on for hours at a stretch. We were working in different continents and time zones but nothing came in our way. Too many ideas, great chemistry, hardly any disagreements :P and a lot of fun made it all worthwhile! You can see how we have taken the design and color from the logo into the interiors and vice-versa.

Here are some pictures of Sonia's work - 

Sonia's idea was to add elements that reflect peace and serenity. Elaborate Buddha and lotus paintings made by Mrs Roopa Deshmukh add to the beauty of the place. The ambience is warm and inviting. Very unconventional and I love the pop of colors that brighten up the place. 

The facility is equipped with the latest technology and highly trained staff. So basically, it has everything that you were looking for! :)

Do visit Mirror Stories when in Pune, India. To keep yourself updated on the services and to avail offers, please hit the like button on their page. Here is the link -

All this is fine, but why did I mention family and team work at the beginning??
Well, thats because Mrs Deepa Sumant happens to be my lovely Mother-in-law, Sonia Revankar is my Sister-in-law and Mrs Roopa Deshmukh is my aunt :)
Quite a combination of family, creative diversity and team work there, isn't it?! :)

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  1. Hey Kanchan. I commented earlier and the comment disappeared (I think). Anyways, just wanted to say congrats on the new look and name. Good job by both of you. Its good to see you blog and create and not just consume like the rest of us :)

    Hope you work on many more projects like these. Please wish aunty and Sonia too when you talk to them next. Cheers!


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