Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The world on my coffee table!

Coasters!!! The one thing I never forget to pick up when I am in a new place.
It could be a restaurant, a bar, an exhibit, a craft centre, a new city, a new state, a new country!! Basically any part of the world :) I have been collecting these beauties since my college days. And so you can very well imagine the number that I must have touched by now...its 248!
My constant re locations don't allow me to carry all of them everywhere but the collection is on and since my friends know that Im crazy for them, they get me some too :)

What I like about the coasters is that each one of them carries so much more than just the name of the place. It carries the culture, the tradition, the vivid colors, messages, facts and what not!

I specially love the hand made ones. Here are two that I got from my recent trip to Sedona and Flagstaff in Arizona. The one in brown is from Sedona and is made from a single piece of original mountain stone. Further etched with the traditional Zuni art symbol.

The black and white one is from Flagstaff. Made from pure white stone that is found only in that area. It has black powder dust painting on it and carries the traditional symbol from the ancient Navajo culture.

These little items are a great of source of inspiration too. They give you a sense a belonging and get you attached to the places instantly. That sure happens to me :)
I would love to share more pics and share the story behind each one of them but..... lets do it little by little!

Collecting coasters is probably the most easiest, compact and interesting way of getting back home a piece of every place you visit. That's how I mange to fit the world on my coffee table :)

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