Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Future is in safe hands...


Hmmm just another glorified day...  Huh! just another way of making money... Sell cards, make posters... They make an issue out of everything... What's the point of keeping one day for mother earth...huh.. as if that's gonna change anything!... some would say


There are some who do care and are working silently behind the scenes in their own innocent ways...

Everyday we see so many people promoting their products and services through multiple mediums but seldom do we find a 5 year old promoting and supporting a serious concern such as 'Save Earth'... impressive isn't it?

Meet Mishu, the little environmentalist in the making. I don't know him personally but saw some of his work while searching for some environment related images. I was amazed to see his creations, some of which are his own ideas! His mother, Himadri of course plays a huge role in all of this. It's really wonderful to see how much effort this mother-son duo are putting in to spread awareness.

Here is some of his work -

Lush green forest!
Made from play dough and sticks. How simple and cute :)

He says - This is my forest!
He used wood shavings, ground nut peels, water bottle caps, egg shells, corrugated sheet,

''Mishu said some really interesting things. While we were pasting trunks he said, “Aur tree lagao”(Put more trees or you can read the universal message-PLANT MORE TREES).''

Love thy trees!

Mishu used play dough (green, orange and yellow), cookie cutters, plasticine moulds, corrugated sheet, thermocol (to cut clouds), gravel, shells and other tools.

To cut 'heart shaped leaves' was the kid's idea!
It's true, you can't hide your love! :)


Isn't it absolutely adorable!

You know, this is my third draft before I could finally compose my post. I was going to write about eco-friendly fabrics, what to buy, what not to buy etc. but I was having a very hard time moving on from this kid's wonderful works and to stick to the main topic of the post i.e World environment day. So ill just leave it at that for now. Will write about the fabrics very soon :)
As far as environment day goes, I don't really need to say anything more after sharing the lil one's work and effort. Isn't it?

So point taken master Mishu!
With thoughtful kids like you in this world, we know our future is in safe hands :)

With all due credits to Himadri pachori -


  1. Hi kanchan...sharing this every where and I havn't written anything here.
    Just one thing I'll say....U'll be a very understanding, sweet and BEST mum.

  2. Oh Himadri, I am truly touched by your comment... thats such a sweet thing to say :) I guess only a doting mom can feel n say that :)


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