Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Useful - Useless - REUSE!

Hey there!

Hope you liked my earlier post and are now busy making your own jewellery bowl! :)

Isn't it hard to part with your favourite clothes, kitchen ware, furniture or anything if it gets damaged?
You wish it could be yours forever and remain in the same good condition...

I love some of my furniture dearly but it's no more in a usable condition and unfortunately I am not as lucky as Joey to have Rosita - a chair that heals itself! Sigh!

I couldn't throw my favourite chair away! So I decided to use it differently... I was in my study room, searching for some small note. I searched on the table, in the drawers but nope, I had lost it.
I wanted to buy a pin up board for my table but the idea of a typical board was just not clicking. Something had to be done before I lost more valuable information I had written on small chits of paper...Oh so clumsy me! I thought and turned around only to see my poor little broken chair shoved under the cupboard.

Eureka!! I knew what I had to do next... my problem was solved!

See the transition here -

Before - A beautiful, wooden low-seating chair, finally succumbed to my friend's giant body! i dare not take his name ;P

 After - Make over into a colorful board on the study table

NOW - I finally have something to stick my notes on!
           - My collection of coasters are mounted on it neatly!
           - Interesting knick-knacks also found a place for themselves!
           - And what's best? I didn't have to drill in my wall to put a boring pin-up board!

Hey Joey! My chair doesn't heal itself, it transforms into a better thing instead! :D

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